What is Day/Night Confusion, and how can you help your baby through it?

newborn lying on pink fleece pad

If your little one is sleeping all day, and feeding all night, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. The lack of sleep is exhausting for everyone in the house, not just your baby. If your child is under the age of three months, sleeping all day and feeding all night, there’s a good chance they are suffering from Day/Night Confusion.

Setting the right schedule for your baby

Trying to figure out the best schedule for your child can feel monumental, especially when there is so much information floating around that varies. Scheduling isn’t an exact science, moreover, sleep needs vary child to child, but also in the case of younger babies they change so frequently it can feel impossible to keep up!

The Anchor Nap for Younger Babies

toddler in a crib

As a mother with babies that are highly sleep dependent, the Anchor Nap is one of my favorite tools. As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Expert, the Anchor Nap is my favorite place to start when nailing down a schedule for younger babies. Not only does the Anchor Nap allow for greater flexibility during the day for babies on multiple naps, it provides consistency as we work to train the extension of naps and connection of nap cycles.

All about bedtimes

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When you first bring your new baby home, it can be really difficult to understand their sleeping patterns. It seems they’re awake at night, sleeping all day, feeding around the clock.. For new parents it can be completely bewildering. This bedtime guide is designed to help you work through and troubleshoot your first few months of baby bedtimes. 

The Ceremony of Bath Time

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As a new mom, you may have noticed that your baby sleeps all day and feeds all night. You may have even heard someone mention that your baby has day and night confusion. This basically means that when they are born, your little one doesn’t understand that daytime is for being awake and nighttime is […]