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Regression Guide

The dreaded regression! Whether you’re starting out on your child’s four month regression, or you’re into the toddler years, our free regression guide has you covered.

Sample Sleep Guide

Each of our packages comes with a customized Sleep Plan for your little one. Each Sleep Plan includes a review of the current situation, implementation guide, scheduling and future tools.

Safe Sleep Resources

Released by the NIH, the Safe to Sleep PDF outlines the best and safest sleep options for your little one, from birth. This PDF is originally from the NIH.

Little Bean Flyer Download

Download the Little Bean Baby & Toddler  Sleep Support flyer for additional information on our packages and our service offering. Use this PDF to share with your friends and family members.

The Webinar Series

Our free sleep webinar series, hosted with New Mother New Baby. In the series we cover all things baby sleep, from Newborn Foundations all the way up to night wakings and early starts. 


Wake Windows Guide

Download the free Wake Windows guide to ensure that your little one is always getting age appropriate sleep. Check back and continue to use this guide to always be sure your little one is on appropriate sleep schedules.  

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The Webinar Series

The Sleep Series webinar in partnership with Gail Macklin. The Sleep Series is covers all things baby sleep, whether you...

New Mama Gift Guide

New Mama Gift Guide Whether you are expecting yourself or shopping for someone else, deciding what products to choose can...

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