If you’re a parent, then you’ve heard the dreaded words “Sleep Regression” one hundred times. Just when you think you’ve hit a rhythm with your little one, sleep upends.

There are various points in the first two years of life where your baby may experience a sleep regression. Whether your baby has always been a great sleeper or you have sleep trained, sleep regressions are inevitable and manageable if you know what to expect. During regressions you will see your child start fighting sleep during naps and at bedtime. They may take a long time to fall asleep or wake frequently and early in the morning.

What is a sleep regression?

Usually coinciding with significant developmental leaps, sleep regressions are blocks of time where your child may not sleep as well as other periods of their life. During these periods of time, babies can fight naps, reject naps altogether, fight bedtime and wake more frequently in the night.

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