I recently partnered with Gail Macklin from New Mother New Baby to develop the Sleep Webinar Series. Click below to watch the full episodes!

Episode 1 is Newborn Basics: Sleeping, Feeding and What to Expect

In this episode, we cover all the basics of Newborn Foundations and what you can expect. We talk about newborn sleep, how to clothe your newborn, the importance of routines, I introduce wake windows and then you can listen in our real time Q&A sessions with our audience.

Episode 2 is All About Sleep Regressions

In this episode, we cover all things sleep regressions! I talk you through the basics of sleep regressions, what they are and how you can help your little one as they experience these massive periods of growth and development. We talk about strategies that support your little one, and how to get back on track if things go off the rails.

Episode 3 is all about Sleep Scheduling for Your Little One

In this episode, we cover all things Sleep Scheduling! Learn about wake windows, start times, nap schedules, bedtimes and more. If you’re wondering how to get your little one onto a schedule, this is the episode to watch.

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